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Leverage customized data that translates into usable business insights. LXRGuide combines over 25 unique algorithms to deliver pin-pointed optimization recommendations. Get a better grip on where every Google AdWords dollar is going and unlock the power of a recommendation engine that takes the guesswork out of optimizing your campaigns. All in just minutes…without having to engage a dedicated paid search expert.


Monitor Google AdWords campaigns on the go

This Internet-accessible platform allows users to monitor and modify campaigns from anywhere. Enjoy a transparent view of where your campaign is and where it’s going with up-to-the-minute bids and predictions. Unlike automated platforms, LXRGuide provides real-time recommendations and explains the effect of implementing each suggestion so you know what will happen with every adjustment.


Expert paid search management for small and medium-sized businesses

Try LXRGuide now and enjoy the full version with every feature included. It takes just minutes to set up your custom dashboard and see all the features that make LXRGuide such a game-changer.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is LXRGuide?

LXRGuide is a paid search optimization tool that enhances the efficiency and ROI of the search marketing campaigns.

How does it work?

LXRGuide imports data from Google AdWords, analyzes it and make smart and actionable recommendations based on that information. It also provides insightful reports to educate the user in making appropriate campaign-related decisions.

Who is it intended for?

LXRGuide is best suited for search marketing advertisers who spend at least $10,000 per month per channel.

Does LXRGuide make automated changes to my AdWords account?

LXRGuide will suggest recommendations / changes to be made on the account and you will have an option to review, accept or discard the changes before posting them to your AdWords campaign.

Which channels does LXRGuide support?

At this point of time, it is limited to Google AdWords. We will be enhancing it in future with other channels like BingAds and Yahoo Gemini.

How can I get invited to test-drive LXRGuide?

Click on any “Request Access” buttons and fill in your contact information. One of our associates will get in touch with you to complete the signup formalities and you can start using it.

How much does it cost to use this tool?

Currently we are working with selected search marketing advertisers that we have invited into the program. Participation is free. All we request is for BETA participants to give us feedback and possibly a testimonial in return.

I am providing access to my AdWords account. How secure is my data?

LXRGuide will only use the AdWords account data to analyze and report account performance. The data will neither be shared nor accessed for any other purpose. LXRGuide will never make changes to AdWords account on its own. You can also revoke access to your AdWords account in your AdWords or LXRGuide dashboard.


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